Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas letter 2013

Happy holidays from Team Thompson!

Ryan turns 4 in a couple of months, a fact he happily shares when asked, and is still the family member most likely to share an impromptu hug.  He both enthusiastically throws himself into the fray then cries for Mommy when he takes a bump then throws himself back in.  He's also learned the days of the week and how to sing at preschool which makes for a entertaining combination.

Claire turned 6 this year and has blossomed both physically and mentally as a first grader.  She loves gymnastics, races Jay to school on her bike, and scored six goals in one soccer game.  She's also taken on the role as matriarch for the kids, enjoys helping around the house, and has discovered fashion.  She continues to confound and entertain her Dad with her sense of humor.

Jay is 7 and in second grade.  His plate of extracurricular activities includes gymnastics, soccer, basketball, and baseball and he recently earned the Big Ribbon for passing the swimming test for all 4 strokes.  He's a voracious reader, usually at the expense of anything else such as picking up his room.  His blonde surfer hair and friendly nature make the girls at school swoon.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Shawn, Alysia, Jay, Claire, Ryan plus Moses and Bella the cats